Pittsburgh Flexicore


Here you can view some of our current projects, type of construction, products used and services provided. (clicking on a link will open new browser window)

Schlow Memorial Library
State College, PA

Architect: Hays Large Architects
  State College, PA
Contractor: Leonard S. Fiore
  Altoona, PA

150 P.S.F. Loading on Library Floor

37 Structural Precast Columns (420 lineal feet)

18 Prestressed Inverted T-beams (504 lineal feet)

12 Mild Reinforced Beams (231 lineal feet)

13,000 sq. ft. of 12" thick hollowcore plank

Erection completed in 6 days.

Special Notes: Precast system provided anchorage for structural steel system above the precast system.

**Precast and prestressed products provide the natural solution for this single level underground parking area. Also, the loading conditions of 150 psf were easily handled by the prestressed concrete system and no additional fireproofing is required.

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