Pittsburgh Flexicore

Lunch Box Program

Box lunch attendees will learn that hollowcore provides high load capacities, even with long spans. Its composition also creates excellent fire-resistance and soundproofing, with effective acoustical control and vibration containment. Long, clear spans of hollowcore - even as long as 50 feet - give you design flexibility and cost savings. You can design large, column-free areas with flexible layouts. With no columns to construct, your project team can save material, labor and transportation costs and achieve faster erection times. Precast hollowcore plank is also compatible with a variety of different building materials. Because hollowcore pieces are factory-cast under tight quality controls, they can be fabricated and erected year round. Components arrive at the site ready for rapid placement in any weather. Hollowcore pieces can provide both finished floors and ceiling structures: immediate work decks that further speed of construction. After completion, hollowcore offers these important benefits to building owners: low maintenance and lower insurance costs create long-term efficiencies, high durability means greater insect resistance, and, by acting as a passive-solar heating mass, hollowcore can also reduce heating costs. As you coordinate sizes, connections, schedules and aesthetics ...you'll see how the latest state-of-the-art techniques and casting methods can be befit your project.

Page last updated on November 3, 2005